‘Tight pants affect men’s sperm count’

“A medical expert warns that increased temperature in the scrotum could affect reproductive organs”

Lil Wayne wore leopard print ballerina tights during the 2011 MTV VMA, and of course they were “sagging”. So Gay!

Dr Esele Samuel, a medical practitioner at the National Hospital, Abuja, has said that exposure to excess heat has adverse effects on sperm count.

He warned that people should also be careful in wearing tight underwear, saying it raises scrotal temperature thereby reducing the rate of sperm production.

“Tight underwear, such as briefs, overheat the scrotum, which increases the temperature of the testicles, thus lowering the volume of healthy sperm available for impregnation,” he said.

He explained that heat damages sperm count, motility and sperm movement as well as inhibit production, advising people to use loose fitting under wears, to allow air to circulate round their testicles.

He said that people working in heat conditions like welders and drivers were more vulnerable to low sperm counts and permanent infertility, noting, however, that regular bathing helps to bring the testicular temperatures down.

Samuel also identified the intake of drugs by diabetic patients, recurrent urinary tract infection, stress, nutritional deficiencies, obesity, self-medication and smoking among the risk factors for low sperm count and erectile dysfunction.

The medical practitioner said the problem could be treated with the intake of nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals as well as maintaining a high protein, low-fat diet, rich in vegetables and whole grains and timing of intercourse.

P.S- If you are truly a real man, you should never wear tight pants. Tight pants or skinny jeans is a popular dress code for gay men. For our youths, if your favourite celebrity such as lil’ wayne as most of you would agree –wears skinny pants or sags his pant must you follow his destructive lifestyle? No, so stop being a puppet, and dress like a civilized human being. Men or boys wearing tight pants is not only gay but also destructive to your health as stated in this article. Be aware, and health conscious in all your doings!


By Nkechi Opurum

Source: DailyTimes

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