Baba Suwe nabbed for cocaine trafficking, excretes 16 pellets of cocaine

It was definitely not one of Nollywood’s movie scripts when information from Nigeria said Nollywood actor Babatunde Omindina aka Baba Suwe had allegedly been arrested for cocaine trafficking at the Mutala Muhammed Airport in Lagos last Thursday night.

Baba Suwe, popular Yoruba comedian actor nabbed with cocaine

He was arrested by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA). 

The Nollywood controversial comic actor Baba Suwe was detected by the X-Ray machine to have carried some pellets believed to be cocaine in his abdomen. 

Investigations revealed that he was to board Air France with a friend to his destination before the long arm of the law caught up with him. 

As of Friday, the whole saga was still sketchy as no one from the airport authority was ready to speak about. Going by inside sources’ findings, the man who lost his wife, Moladun Kenke Lewu to the cold hands of death over a year ago, was being apprehended by the agents of NDLEA. 

A few years ago, Taiwo Akinwale, popularly referred to as Wunmi, was nabbed for carrying cocaine in Nollywood, followed by another male actor and now Baba Suwe. 

According to NDLEA sources, Baba was traveling to Paris to act as a master of ceremony in a naming ceremony of an Air France staff scheduled for Saturday. 

The Air France staff (name withheld) has also been arrested, according to NDLEA sources. 

Baba Suwe went through the scanning machine at the airport and substances suspected to be drugs were seen hidden in his stomach, NDLEA sources said. 

After he was arrested, sources said, he denied that he swallowed the drugs, until he went through the scanner. He could not however explain the white substances seen in his stomach. 

Baba Suwe is a very successful and popular Yoruba actor in Nollywood, famous for his comedy roles in Yoruba movies. 

Baba, on Friday afternoon, reportedly expelled over 16 pellets of cocaine while a large quantity is still lodged in his abdomen after his arrest. 

Reliable source added the suspect was given a cup of tea to drink that would enable him to excrete the remaining drugs while he had been placed on observation. 

“Baba Suwe, we learnt, has been crying like a baby and pleading for forgiveness but all his pleas are to no avail. While serious investigation is going on to know how he came about it, some top marketers are alleged to be busy inducing officials of NDLEA with huge bribe to get him out of the dragnet,” a close source at the airport revealed.

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