Buhari requires more time on appointments, says Joda

The Chairman of the Presidential Transition Committee of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Alhaji Ahmed Joda, yesterday urged Nigerians  to give President Muhammadu Buhari “a little more time” to make appointments into key positions.

Joda told State House correspondents in Abuja that a lot of things, including the committee’s report, have to be considered by the President in making such appointments.

The committee’s 800-page report was presented to Buhari by Joda yesterday.

According to him, the report was a product of the 18,000 pages of former President Goodluck Jonathan’s handover note.

He said that although political appointments are entirely the prerogative of the President, “he will go through our report and understand our recommendations. I think he deserves a little bit more time.“

He said that the committee’s report came late because it received the handover note from the last administration only on May 25, four days before its exit.

His words: “We received the handover note on the 25th of May and that report was about 18,000 pages, and it took time to even sort them out and to make sense from them, read them, analyse them and come up with recommendations.

“This is not an ordinary transfer of government from one President to the other.In this country, we had never witnessed this kind of transition from one political party to another.

“Previous transition from one president to the other did not require a long process like this. I think this is part of the evolution of democracy. The country has to be a little bit more patient; it cannot be with immediate effect.”

Continuing, he said: “For about five weeks, we went through memoranda, listening to presentations from all over this country.

“Today, we submitted about 800 pages of the report to Mr President. It is now his property and I believe in due course he will begin to act on it.”

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