My father has been testing my virginity every year – Nigerian girl asks for help

NigeriaTrends | A popular Lagos socialite and relationship counselor, Joro Olumofin recently shared the story of a 21 years old Nigerian girl whose father has placed on a regular virginity check for future purposes. 

Women's Virginity Check

Women’s Virginity Check

The Nigerian girl is reportedly now afraid of what would happen on her next birthday when she would be due to undergo another virginity test as she has started sleeping with her boyfriend and she is not ready to stop.

Note that there are many ways a woman’s hymen may pop open by itself even without actually having sex. Intense activities like horse riding, gymnastics, riding a bike, etc., have been reported to break a girl’s vaginal hymen.

“Hymen is a membrane that partially closes the opening of the vagina and whose presence is traditionally taken to be a mark of virginity.”

Nigerian girl needs help on her virginity test

Read her story below, and drop your comments afterwards to share some advise:

Nigerian girl virgin story

Nigerian girl virgin story

Am a girl of 21 years, am a student, a level 300. My father test my virginity every year at the hospital to see if am a virgin, he said if am a virgin my bride price will be high and my husband will love me more.

Before I used to believe him and be happy until I realize it’s his selfish need. I love this guy he’s my BF and soulmate. We had sex 2 weeks ago, we have been doing it almost everyday now.

My fear is my birthday is in November and my father do the test every Birthday. How can get I out this situation?

Am an only daughter with 3 brothers. My mothers opinion doesn’t matter. My mother is not well educated. I want to live my life and make my own mistakes am not a goods for sale. 

Advise me please. Don’t judge me… 

What words of advice do you have for her?

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