Former Commissioner Caught On Tape Having Sex: More Details Emerge

Another video showing a former commissioner of Zamfara state, having sex may soon be made public, but this time with a pregnant woman.

The girl, who allegedly made public the first video is threatening to release another one to expose the ex-commissioner if he continues to harass her, Daily Trust reports.

Recall that last week, a two-minute video clip showing the ex-commissioner engaged in an explicit sexual activity with an unidentified lady in a room had surfaced, triggering critisms.

Rebecca Amos, a close friend to the aggrieved girl (names withheld) alleged that the former commissioner beat her friend and smashed her phone over the video, and that was why she decided to make the video which was on high sale in the state, public.

Her friend was blackmailing him to pay some amount of money for the video but he did not comply, so she went ahead to make the video public.

Narrating what happened, she alleged: “Though my friend (name withheld), has been a friend to the ex-commissioner for sometimes, she was not the one in that video with the man. What happened was that the ex-commissioner took my friend to a hotel in Sokoto. While in the hotel room, he decided to be playing the video from his phone. My friend requested to have the video but he refused because she earlier refused to allow him video her when they were having fun. He is fond of filming the act whenever he is meeting a girl.

“After sometime, he left the phone in the room and entered the toilet to bath and my friend quickly copied some videos, including that one, into her phone. It was the ex-commissioner himself that recorded that video when he was mating the girl in the clip. Days after my friend left the hotel, she called to tell him that she had the video with her and will not delete or give him unless he pays her ransom. He agreed to pay.”

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Amos said on the day they agreed to meet, her friend copied the videos into another phone and went to give him the copy she had on her phone. On getting there, he refused to pay, seized her phone and smashed it.

According to her, her friend has been receiving threat messages from the ex-commissioner’s boys and she is planning to release the nastiest video she copied from his phone where he was having sex with a pregnant woman in a very dehumanizing way if they continue to threaten her.

She added that her friend was considering taking a legal action against him.

However, another source close to the family of the ex-commissioner alleged that the video leaked after some of his younger brothers found his phone after it was declared missing.

According to the source, his brothers after finding the sex videos on his phone, demanded N3 million to keep it secret and he agreed. He later refused to comply, telling them to do whatever they liked, and they leaked the films.

The ex-commissioner’s sex video has already been given a name, ‘Janyau’ and according to operators commercial videos sharing centres in Gusau, the Zamfara state capital, it was the highest selling video.

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Speaking on the matter, 67-year-old Shehu Kaura that uploaded the video into his phone at one of the centres for N50 said he only wanted to witness the hidden attitudes of senior state officials.

Where are the Hisbah (Shari’a police)? If it were a poor man that was involved, they would have arrested him and threatened to stone him to death,” he added.


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