How To Control Oily face

THE face is a vital part of one’s look; it’s the first part of the body that draws attention; and speaks volumes of your appearance.

Ladies with oily face and skin have a common skin condition such as blackheads and acne, which often make them lose sleep on how to make their faces beautiful.

Oily face attracts more dirt, so, a regular skin care routine should be maintained to reduce the excess of oil in the body or stop it from coming to the face.

Though oily skin could be as a result of stress, diet and heredity, the following useful tips below can guide both men and women on how to control oily face and make your face look good.

  • Wash your face regularly, morning and evening, to get off excess oil from the skin.
  • · Avoid intake of foods with high fats such as fried stuff and chocolate
  • · Make sure you wear oil free make-ups, because applying oily make-up can cause more problems to your face.
  • · Avoid harsh facial cleansers and scrubs.
  • · Moisturise your face with oil free products.
  • · Keep blotting papers in your bag or purse and use it to touch up your face from time to time.
  • · You can also apply powder on your face to absorb oil.


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