I love Nigerian men, but… –Yvonne Nelson Interview

With a superb  body and sexy long legs, Yvonne Nelson is one actress to behold. A popular face in Ghollywood, Yvonne has endeared herself to a large crowd of fans across the world.

Yvonne Nelson is a Ghanaian actress, currently acting in Nollywood and Ghallywood.

Showtime Celebrity cornered her at a movie location in Festac Town, Lagos, last Friday, where she speaks on her alleged ban by the movie producers in Ghana, her relationships with Jim Iyke,  her love life and  anger with the press .

You were a model before going into acting. How has the journey been so far?

I wasn’t modeling. It just happened by chance. I actually took part in Miss Ghana beauty pageant in 2005. It has been fun and I love what I’m doing. I have a degree in Human Resources Management but I choose to concentrate on my acting career.

It’s something I love and people are appreciating what I’m doing presently. I’m making all my fans all over the world proud. I’m making my nation proud. I’m a very patriotic person and it is all about putting my country and Africa at large on top of the chart.

Did you set out in life to become an actress or did you enter the profession by accident?

When I was growing up, I was rather interested in music. I remember when I was in secondary school, I used to perform on stage. I was always into entertainment. I wouldn’t say acting was just by the way. It was meant to be and it happened. One thing is that they are all about entertainment.

You walk into the roles or they come your way?

I never attended any audition. One Ghanaian producer , Abdusalam Umuni, owner of Versus Films brought me into the industry. He saw me and developed interest in giving me a role in his new movie then. Even when I told him I was not an actress and I wouldn’t want to be one, he convinced me to pick up the role. That was how it all started. I never attended any audition, the roles came my way. It was meant to be.

Did you win the Miss Ghana beauty pageant?

I didn’t win the contest. But I won two other awards out of five awards I entered for. I was among the last five contestants during the contest. I’m sure if I had won the beauty contest, I wouldn’t have become an actress. So, it’s good that I didn’t win Miss Ghana Beauty pageant, and it’s because I didn’t win that I’m into acting today. Everything happens in life for a reason .

Recently, Ghanaian movie producers said they lifted the six -month ban slammed on you.

I was not aware of any ban. If something is made official or if somebody is officially banned, there should be a letter notifying that person of such ban. But nobody gave me any letter. I think this whole thing started as a rumour and later, it became bigger by the day.

While the alleged ban lasted, were you still working in Ghana ?

I branched out into business during that period. I opened my shop and I also started my hair line. I was travelling all over the world. My name was everywhere and people were calling me on phone from every part of the world concerning the ban. I didn’t even feel anything. I was very busy during that period. In fact , that was the busiest moment of my life. Continue reading on Next Page…

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