Its girls at war on ‘Glo X Factor’

WITH the exit of the last man standing, Pheel, from the competition, it becomes an all-girls affair at the X Factor talent hunt. With all five male acts who made it to the Top 9, it now boils down to four female contestants slugging it out for the N24m bounty and a Sony Music recording contract!

Contestants were made to sing two songs each, ballad and contemporary. Vicky was the first to mount the stage, singing Celine Dion’s All by myself. After her performance, MI declared, “Amazing performance. You’ve got a beautiful voice. You’re like a flower on this show; you’re blossoming gradually.”

Next was Eshun in a flowing gown and a gorgeous hairdo. She sang Shania Twain’s It must have been love which earned her a standing ovation. “Eshun, you’ve made Onyeka cry again,” Toolz said as Onyeka wiped tears off her eyes. “There’s a spirit about her that just bubbles up whenever she’s in her elements. Ghana, please vote for her. Nigeria, I tell you, this is a star.”

Up next was DJ Switch who sang Adele’s Someone like you. “I think you perform best when you express deep feelings. Your performance really touched me. You also showed another side of yourself that we never knew, that you can paint,” the veteran musician said with a grin. Reggie gushed, “this girl has the X Factor. And that’s all I’m going to say.”

Next was Princess Pat with Cece Winan’s Alabaster Box. At the end of her song, Reggie said, “You took us to church and everybody here knows that I’m about God. You did a great job.” As for MI, he said, “It’s one thing to sing a song that we’re connected to emotionally, and it’s another thing to perform it excellently. What you just did is not for kids; it’s a master class performance. You are changing into a superstar, I don’t even know you anymore!”

Vicky led the rock song performances with an exceptional delivery, and after her performance, MI said, “I have to give it up for Mama Onyeka. That was a fantastic song choice; I think you can loosen up a bit more, but I love the energy you have.” Onyeka countered: “I’ve been 35 years on stage, all my song selections are on point. Thanks for the compliment, but it should come every time. Vicky, you did a wonderful job!”

Looking very colourful and every inch a rock star, Eshun, moved energetically with a snazzy dance step as she sang her heart out. At the end of her performance, Reggie surprisingly said, “You did a good job, but I wasn’t feeling it.” Onyeka quickly replied, “Thank God for the audience out here who are witnesses to her lovely performance. I will be shocked if you do not win this competition.”

DJ Switch followed immediately as she switched styles singing Encore by Jay Z and Black and White by Michael Jackson. Even before the end of her performance, the audience were on their feet clapping. It was a dramatic scene as a young girl of about 12 years of age ran on stage to hug her. It was unarguably the loudest ovation ever from the audience at the show.

The burden of closing the show rested on Princess Pat as she sang Adele’s Setting fire to the rain. “My comments are in two parts. We were chosen as judges because of our integrity and so, I must speak. Some of your notes were off, but on the other hand, you’re here competing with these young girls, and you’re rocking it all the way. Well done,” Onyeka said, after Pat’s rendition.

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