Digest: Top 9 Most Important News For This Wednesday

Don’t miss daily rubric dedicated to the most important events that took place in Nigeria today, June 17. Check out all the important things that happened in Nigeria below.

1. Buhari Admits That His Age Is To Limit His Performance

President Muhammadu Buhari, who will turn 73 in December, admitted that age would limit his performance as Nigeria’s president. Nigeria’s leader lamented that he he had not become president when he was younger.

2. Saraki Reveals Actual Amount For Wardrobe Allowance

The senate president denied the claim stating that the actual amount is N506,600 per year for each senator. Saraki took to twitter to react to the claim that national assembly members will be receiving N8.64 billion

3. People In Kaduna Greeting Muhammadu Buhari

President Buhari received a warm welcome from ordinary people during his official visit to Kaduna state. People expressed their credit of trust to the President.

4. APC Crisis: Party Chieftains Gang Up Against Tinubu

Tinubu may be forced to drop the title if there must be peace within the party. Although the position he will occupy afterwards has not been determined.

5. What Ben Bruce Plans To Do With His Wardrobe Allowance

The senator Ben Bruce, who has been interacting with Nigerians on social resources, promised his wardrobe allowance to pay workers who have not been paid their salaries.

6. President Buhari Will Meet With Governors

The governors from 36 states announced that the meeting with Nigeria’s leader will happen next week.

7. APC CRISIS: Buhari Meets Atiku, Oyegun, Others [PHOTO]

Some of the party leaders who were still sore about the outcome of the National Assembly leadership elections, are yet to agree to sit on the roundtable with individuals they claimed stabbed them in the back.

8. Presidency Says Buhari Gets Better With Age

Presidential spokesman said while at 72, President Buhari could not be called a youth, but he has in quantum the wisdom, patience, temperance and forbearance that age brings.

9. PDP Groups Tells Buhari To Resign

The Peoples Democratic Party Media Watchdog has called for the resignation of President Muhammadu Buhari in response to his admission that his age will limit his performance.


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