Nigeria, The Harsh Reality

  • If Nigeria as a union were any authentic, we wouldn’t have ethnic problems.

  • If the constitution of Nigeria were any valid and sensible, we wouldn’t have this distrust and problems.

  • If the system which we pride ourselves in and abide by were any effective, we wouldn’t still be here today.

  • If the colonial system we have embraced were designed for our own good, we wouldn’t have any problems.

  • If the religious gods we had been given were for our good, we wouldn’t have been in these mess.

  • If the education, institutions we were given were any good, we wouldn’t have these problems.

BUT THEY ALL AREN’T! Hence we are in this problem today!

But for some reason we, we the ones that suffer from the effects of this brutal and unjust system have failed to understand the roots of our own problems. We have failed to understand what we are faced with, hence we blindly follow every bandwagon that merely chants up fancy statement and gives false hopes and time and again we wake up in this pit, further deeper than where we started off.

How long shall it take for you, you the so called Nigerians to arise and take your lives and lands seriously? How long shall we continue to run around in circles while destroying our lives and those of our children?

Think to yourself again and ask: if all you have been given, taught and told were any good, why then would you still remain here, in this state and condition? Are you that inferior, less intelligent and stupid that you can’t figure out a better life for yourself? Or is it just the systems you have wrongfully accepted that weren’t actually designed to let you make a headway in life?

It isn’t rocket science, brothers and sisters. It’s simple intelligence.

Reason and common-sense beckon again!

What shall it be this time?

By Teekay Akin [Akin Adeseye]

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