Nigeria’s Upside Down macabre dance

When Fela Anikulapo released his elpee, Upside Down in the mid-1970s, little did he know he was foretelling the lot of Nigeria in the 21st century. This is a country that has moved from degradation to degradation, such that but for God, we might have all perished! Here is a country blessed with the proverbial milk and honey, but like the Somalian proverb, “there is water everywhere, but everybody goes about thirsty”. Good thanks to bad leadership.

Nigeria’s case aptly illustrates the story of the Prodigal Son, who in wantonness destroyed all before realising the agony of loose living. The question everyone has been asking is, “would Paradise be regained?” Yes and No. The United Arab Emirates is an illustration of a Prodigal Nation that suddenly woke up from slumber. The leadership suddenly arose to foresee perdition staring the country blessed with the Black Gold, like Nigeria, but which was badly raped by political jobbers who paraded themselves as politicians and leaders.

Today, many rush to Dubai for shopping, rest, medical checkup and sundry reasons, little do they realise it took a visionary leader to awake that nation to creativity and accountability. Today, not a few people and groups are also exploring how dignity could be restored to Nigeria, a country heavily devastated by corrupt leadership, where avarice and kleptocracy have replaced democracy. One of the concerned groups is the Nigerian League of Democrats (NLD).

Led by Otunba Omoniyi Adebanjo, the group is not only idealistic, it is bent on restoring the nation to the path of rectitude by serving as a pressure group to mobilise support for credible office seekers across the land. The group in recent outings emphasized its platform was opened to politicians who are not only credible, but abhor violence or do-or-die politics. Such leaders, it claimed, its teeming members across the land would support.

But beyond just canvassing for votes, the NLD shocked not just a few when it announced in Abuja recently that it supports power shift to the North in 2015. This stand, many observers see as patriotic and in fact, a symbol of their neutrality. Many claimed that Nigeria may for the first time be breeding young leaders who are capable of charting the path to equity, justice and governance.

Already, the group claimed to have started appraising about 10 political gladiators from the North to the end that the most credible would be supported by the alliance when the time comes. The appraisal, sources claimed, is rigorous and may eventually pave the way for good leadership, if the project succeeds.

One of the things making the NLD’s popularity to grow leaps and bounds is its ability and propensity to articulate political positions based on deep thinking and argumentation. For example, when it canvasses power shift to the North by 2015, it gave certain criteria for whoever aspires to the nation’s presidency. “These are the qualities that must stand out the man who will be Nigerian president in 2015. Any Northern politician who possesses these sterling qualities and performs excellently well in the NLD’s Credibility Rating: Change, Competence, Compassion, Courage, Credibility and Commitment.

Nothing has made the relevance of the NLD more apt than the absence of people of Chief Gani Fawehinmi in the present political calculus. Worse still, is the directionless administration in the country, that is more confused and seemingly castrated from doing anything creative or good.

Never in the history of this country is a government that runs beserk when it ought to be at the top of development and a so-called government that failed by design to carry out free and fair election in a small state as Anambra.

Nigeria is the only nation that would hold religious-related security challenge with kid-gloves just because the leadership is barren of ideas and bereft of any creative way of the crisis.

One of the key factors the NLD has continued to emphasize is the insincerity of the weird Peoples’ Democratic Party which is dominated by political jobbers and liabilities.

To prove that the PDP is aversed to change, the NLD sighted the case of Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola who was flushed out of office has National Secretary by a whiff of court pronouncement a day after a high court ruling. The same party that was justice-conscious to bundle Oyinlola out of office refused to restore the same person to his office after a superior court threw out the earlier ruling.

According to the NLD, the PDP stands for autocracy and not democracy. “The PDP is a group of political hypocrites and gladiators”, a release alerted the nation recently. It was in this wise that the NLD is appealing that progressives of like minds should bury their differences and come together to wrestle power for the PDP in 2015. The group insisted that progressive elements such as Atiku Abubakar, Mohammadu Buhari, Aliyu Babangida, Ribadu, Tambuwal, Sule Lamido and so on should come together and bail Nigeria out of scavengers’ daily milking of the nation to its grave.

The most annoying joke to the group as it is with many right-thinking Nigerians is the pipe dream of President Goodluck Jonathan to contest for office in 2015. According to the group, it is obvious that President Jonathan has failed to bring dividends of democracy on the table of Nigerians and the better option opened to them (victims) is to vote both Jonathan and his party, the PDP out of relevance.

The group pointed attention to the ethnic cleansing in federal ministries such as Aviation and Education where only people from the same tribes as the ministers have the chance of survival in a federating unit.

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