OPINION: APC Should Learn From PDP’s Mistakes Or Pay The Cost

Editor’s note: “The recent APC crisis is a reminder that the party may end up like the PDP  if it doesn’t take proper actions,” claims Hussain Obaro, Naij.com constant guest author. In a contribution to the platform, Mr Obaro warns the APC against repeating the PDP’s mistakes until it’s too late.

An African proverb says: “The falling of dry leaves from the top of a tree is a warning sign for other leaves on the tree to be careful, never to celebrate other’s downfall”. History was once again made at the National Assembly on Tuesday, June 9, 2015, as some APC members, whom the party described as “treacherous, undisciplined and disloyal”, formed an alliance with the PDP members and elected their leaders. Events building up to the inauguration of the National Assembly have shown clearly that the APC has learnt nothing from the downfall of the PDP. Still basking in the euphoria of its victory in the last general election, the APC refuses to realize what it really entails to be a ruling party. Going into a “battle” with a divided house and seeing no reason to put it in order as quickly as possible was a mistake, and the APC had to pay for it.

The APC seems to have forgotten how it benefited from the treachery, indiscipline and disloyalty of some PDP members. The then opposition political parties supported the rebellion that took place about four years ago. The PDP members formed an accord with the opposition to defile the party and elect Aminu Tambuwal and Emaka Ihedioha against the PDP arrangement. The treacherous defection of the National Assembly members and later the speaker of the House of Representatives were welcomed by the APC because it was to its benefit. The APC didn’t see anything wrong when 7 PDP governors and some party chieftains dumped the party for the APC that received them with open arms. The APC benefited from accepting Governor Rochas Okorocha who defiled the APGA and dumped the party for the APC. Therefore, it is laughable for the ACP to accuse some of its members of treachery that has actually led the APC to power.

The PDP paid the APC back in its own coin. It’s high time for the APC to realize that Senator Abubakar Bukola Saraki is still a member of the APC. Thus, there is the need for the party leadership to act with caution and desist from anything that could inflame the already complicated situation. Any immature handing could trigger mass decamping of the principal leaders to the PDP, and it would be tantamount to a political suicide, as the PDP would gladly receive them with open arms  just like the APC did.

This is not the time to start castigating and apportioning blames to anyone. This is the time for the APC to brace up to the challenge of playing the role of a ruling party. This is the time for genuine reconciliation and healing of the wounds inflicted by the past events. Nigerians don’t care who emerges as the Senate president or speaker of the House of Representative. All we want is good governance which will translate into massive creation of jobs, improved healthcare delivery system, national and international security, reduction in inflation, etc. The Nigerian constitution is superior to the supremacy of any political party, it was wrong for the APC to have scheduled a meeting outside the National Assemby at the same time when a constitutional exercise was supposed to be holding at the red and green chambers. All in all, the independence of the legislature has been affirmed by the actions and inactions of the federal legislators.

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Hussain Obaro for Naij.com

Hussain Obaro is a writer motivational speaker and public affairs commentator from Ilorin, Kwara state.

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Naij.com. 

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