Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Solemnises Mercy Johnson’s Dubious Wedding — The wedding of controversial actress Mercy Johnson to her beau has come and gone. But the soleminisation of the marriage by yet another controversial pastor, Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy, will ensure that ripples of the oddity he endorsed will continue to linger for a long time to come.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy & Nollywood Actress Mercy Johnson (News Photo: Nigeria Movie Network)

Many people wonder what type of Bible Oyakhilome is using to preach to his followers. They believe that he should not have gone ahead to solemnize the wedding because of the controversy that it generated some weeks before the wedding when the wife of Mercy’s new husband, Lovely came out that the man whom Mercy wanted to marry was at the time he was planning to go into another wedding still her legal husband.

Those who spoke to us said Chris Oyakhilome should bury his head in shame for conducting the sham marriage, stressing that the Catholic Church would never conduct such marriage that was full of controversy right from the outset and that there is no spiritual accountability in Christ Embassy.

Another who spoke to us condemned Oyakhilome, stating that his church is nothing short of a night or social club. He said further that Oyakhilome is always at the centre of controversy  for instance, he charges feed for the church’s programmes  and it is high time he stopped using the name of the Lord to perpetrate his crimes and thereby lead his followers astray. He also said that Oyakhilome has laid a bad precedent that now, people, especially single girls, can just wake up one day to leave their spouses for the rich or famous since they know that evil pastors like Oyakhilome would contract the wedding for them.

Oyakhilome has just contributed to turning two lovely children into literal orphans shorn of love from their father when their father is still alive,  because of his flagrant disobedience an express biblical directive on marriage.

It would be recalled that when Ini Edo wanted to marry in one of the Redeemed Christian Church og God parishes inHouston,TexasinAmerica, the pastor of the church bluntly refused to marry the couple. Despite the fact her husband had divorced his ex-wife, the pastor told them he wasn’t going to be part of the wedding because God did not approve and would hold him responsible despite the fact that the couple are both members of the church.

Chris Oyakhilome is not new to controversies especially with the shoddy ways and manners he goes about with his ministry ranging from organizing fake miracles and receiving stolen money from his members.

Recalled that the South African Government and Christian community said sometime ago that they will not allow anybody to come and rope their economy and social system all in the name of religion.

They narrated a number of incidents that has compelled them to doubt the authenticity of the Christ Embassy.

Gathered that a lady who had been sitting on a wheel chair in the healing line, she had been sitting there for hours while waiting for the man of God to come and minister to her, but unfortunately for Pastor Chris as he is fondly called, called on the lady, and having forgot that she was supposed to act paralyzed lo and behold she stood up and scampered and ran to the toilet. Not knowing what to do she was not allowed to return to the wheel chair because many people had seen her while she was running to the toilet, she received serious tongue lashing from the Healing School pastors for the great embarrassment she caused while her empty wheel chair was wheeled out of the healing arena.

Another source recalled that a similar incident had transpired in the Healing School when another supposedly bed-ridden faithful was pushed to the toilet by a church member who had volunteered to help at the Healing School. On getting there wit the helper, she stood by herself and went in. The helper screamed, rejoicing that a miracle had already taken place but to her amazement, instead of the pastors to rejoice with her she was reprimanded for standing without aid.

Further learnt that an old woman who ministers next to Pastor Chris, called Deaconess Pat, many refer to her as mummy in South Africa, who lays hands on women on Chris’ behalf was said to have warned some South Africans not to bring their children nor give their money to the money making scheme. Her words were, “this is not a church”. She also made mention of the fact that her own children are in full time church ministry but none are in Christ Embassy. She was quoted as saying that she is only at Christ Embassy because it is a job for her. Continue reading on the Next Page…

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