Popular Ibadan Based Pastor in Sex Scandal

IBADAN — This is not the best of times for one of the ailing newspapers in the South-West part of the country as one of its directors, who is the pastor of a church based in Ibadan, Oyo State, has been discovered to be involved in the use of charms (juju) and involved in numerous sex scandals.

The self acclaimed Man-of-God, whose usual phrase is: “Touch not my anointed,” has been fingered to be behind the woes of the ailing company, having cowed the Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief, believed to be his boy, into submission through fetish means. 

The pastor, who openly romances his secretary and other ladies in the company, is widely known to be influencing people around him with juju. He was once caught pants down with his secretary-mistress at a popular hotel in Abuja. In fact, sources said that he travels all over the country with his secretary and they share common room, even when their hosts must have booked separate rooms for them.

They have become so engrossed in their illicit affair that they now openly sleep in the same room whenever they are in or out of town. They were recently discovered to be planning evil against the husband of the secretary-mistress who is said to be residing in Port Harcourt. It was learnt that the secretary did not even go to see her hubby when she went with the pastor lover boy to her husband’s based in Port Harcourt of recent. Not long ago, the secretary’s car was stolen.

The ‘Pastor’ told the police that the car was stolen at gun point on the expressway. But in the course of investigation, the police discovered that the ‘Pastor’ actually lied. The police found out that the car was stolen from one of the hotels where the ‘Pastor’ and his mistress usually go for their usual night out. Before the discovery of the hideout of the lover birds, the police had earlier traced their movement to a shrine in Ilisan, a town in Ogun State.

It was further discovered that the owner of the shrine, a ‘babalawo’, is the spiritual father of the ‘Pastor’. Rather than pursue the case, the ‘pastor’ asked the police to drop the case. And pronto, the pastor bought a new and better car for his mistress the following day. That was when tongues started wagging that the ‘Pastor’ must have bought the car from the largesse he got from a former Governor of a South-West state who wanted favourable mentions in the media in the course of his battle to save him from being unseated by the court.

The governor, who voted N10 million for the deal, eventually lost his bid to save his seat as our pastor friend spent the larger part of the money on his mistress. The pastor, who arrived the company in 2008 in a rickety car for his rehabilitation, has suddenly become wealthy through his dirty deals. Another N23 million was said to have been collected by this pastor from another state government. The money is still a source of dispute between the company and the pastor as he was said to have pocked the bulk of the money to the detriment of the company.


Source: News of The People

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