Reprudencia Sonkey Interview

Reprudencia Sonkey Interview is showcased on — she is simply known as Dencia, and is one of the most controversial artist due to the promoting of her whitenicious skin bleaching product.

Name: Reprudencia Sonkey

Profession: Model, Singer

Age: I am legal to drink but I don’t drink lol

Hometown: Cameroon, West Africa but currently reside in California

Measurements: 34d 18 38

What’s Your Sign: Aries

Tell us about your favorite experience on a video and/or photo shoot (what video, what artist/song):

50 cents feat jeremih down on me,first I really loved the Song and lol it was my first time listening to it on set.I liked the fact that they had us free style,food was great n 50 is mad funny I like funny people,jerimih is a sweet heart too.

Tell us about your worst experience on a video and/or photo shoot (what video, what artist/song):

Baby bash can’t remember song tittle but wait while I was on set I was doing the scene with my dog @divathepinkdog and it was green screen she kept jumping all over the place and I don’t know how but my thong broke cuz it was this chain g strings and it felt down from under my dress and I was so into tryna to get her chill I didn’t realize it but everyone else saw it,I felt so dumb but the string was cute.

 What part of your body do you like the most:


 What part of your body do you like the least and why:

My Ass in a body suit cuz it calls for way to much attention, lol.

Your ideal man looks like, acts like, sounds like:

Ye tall ,Ye tine,acts like a gentle man,sounds like an educated man.

 Describe your ideal sexy night:

Dinner,movies,bath, cuddle *closes door no Cameras* lol .

Your biggest turn-on?

A tall neat man *bites fingers* in a suit or in a plain white tee,nice pair of jeans,Hermes belt and neat sneakers *slaps forehead,wakeup dencia*.

From 1-10, what’s the actual chance of you dating a guy who’s logged on, looking at you right now?:

I will say a 5.

One thing nobody knows about me:

 I love cooking,I hate cleaning.

The quickest way to my heart is:

Being yourself and being comfy I hate braggers

The quickest way to . . . uh, you know. . . the bed… is:

 * looks around* a kiss on my neck.

The quickest way for man to get dismissed is:

Bragging,name dropping.

Worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard:

I can’t even remember cuz I don’t even give guys the time to start dumb convo’s,I am always in my zone *rolls eyes.

 Best pick-up line that worked:

I actaully liked when my Ex told me *all the girls want me it’s you I want* after a bunch of girls were trying to get picked the first night we met.

The biggest misconception about modeling is:

It’s easy ..smh. Nope it’s not!

What made you decide to get into modeling:

To get contacts,watch what happens behind the scene and open doors for my music career

Favorite movie, TV show, music artist:

“The Notebook”, “Drop Dead Diva” and “Desperate Housewives”,My fav artist *smiles* kanye west and Rihanna

 Best mood music:


If you had to date a woman who would it be?:

Best workout tip (Ex: I do this to keep a flat tummy):

Sqauts to shape my butt and tone my legs and I workout with a trainer for my abs *ugh I hate it*

Resume (where people may have seen you before, personal website, etc.) 

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