Maximizing The Rewards Of Ramadan

Editor’s note: This article explores the different ways through which Muslims can maximize the benefits and rewards that are embedded in the month of Ramadan.

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The earlier the better” is a common saying among people. This saying is apt also when describing the goodies in stock for Muslims who observe a large part of the tenets of Ramadan. Whereas, some people still believe that, “better late than never.”

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Since the spirit of Ramadan has just descended on Muslims all over the world, it is more plausible to stick with the former saying than the latter in order to get more than seventy seven percent of the rewards of Ramadan. Suffice to say that what is done at a youthful age in life is often done with so much vigour than at old age. This brings us to what Muslims should start and hasten to do as Ramadan is still green. Muslims observing fast should not wait till the tail end of Ramadan when there would not be much time to do enough good deeds the month of Ramadan offers.

Going through what Muslims stand to gain during every Ramadan period could make the mouth of a non-participant in fasting agape for a few minutes. This is due to the fact that specific actions and activities in Ramadan go with unimaginable amount of rewards compared to non-Ramadan days. Thus, this is a wake up call on every fasting Muslims to strife towards getting these achievable.

When Allah revealed the verses about Ramadan, he specifically said in chapter 2 verse 186 of the glorious Qur’an about what people would ask about him. Allah says that, “When my servants ask you prophet Muhammad (peace be upon his soul) about me. Surely, i am close to them. I answer the supplications of the person praying when he calls me. Therefore, my servants should answer me and believe in me, so that they will be with guidance about Islam.

This quoted verse points to the earlier assertion that answering Allah by believing only in him through Ramadan, offers Muslims with a reward of a quick response to their offered prayers, requests and supplications especially in Ramadan.

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In addition, many of the reported Hadiths on Ramadan highlight the rewards enshrined in the holy month. For instance, a man by the name of Sahl (Allah be pleased with him) narrated that prophet Muhammad (peace be upon his soul) said as reported in Sahih Bukhari that, “There is a gate in paradise called Ar-raiyan, and those who observe fasts like Ramadan will enter through it on the day of resurrection, and none except them will enter through it. It will be said, where are those who used to observe fast like Ramadan? They will get up, and none except them will enter through it. After their entry, the gate will be closed and nobody will enter through it.



I can’t imagine the prestige that awaits Muslims who maximize the rewards of Ramadan on the day of judgement. This is more than a red carpet reception which a great number of people crave for in this world. It is more than being lodged in the most luxurious hotel ever to be built. This is all for the taking of Muslims because of Ramadan. A wise Muslim during this Ramadan will ensure he immediately starts utilizing his fasting days to the fullest by aiming to do all deeds that will fetch him boundless rewards right from the early days to the twilight of Ramadan.

Other rewards Ramadan brings are that it serves as a shield from hell fire because all the gates of hell fire would be locked. Ramadan is a smooth pathway to paradise because all the gates of paradise are wide opened. The sins of previous year is forgiven by Allah. Likewise, the reward for giving an assistance to an elderly person to cross the road is in multiple folds in Ramadan.

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Muslims should try to complete at least a whole Qur’an, perform the Tahajjud prayers, spend part of their wealth on the less privilege, visit the hospitals and the prisons and do other rewardable acts which will make Allah tell his angels that he never made a mistake of creating humans due to the purpose of man on earth which observing Ramadan is among.


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