Nigerians Deported from the UK arrives Lagos with Ghana Must Go Bags (video) — It’s like Nigerians are being deported from around the world, most likely those living in diaspora illegally without proper documentation. Trending lately, is this video of Nigerians deported from the UK with their Ghana Must Go Bags. Or, are they Ghanaians?

According to video reports by SaharaTV, some Nigerian deportees from the United Kingdom arrived Lagos this January, only carrying few items in sacs known as Ghana Must Go bags. What a shame! Watch the video for yourself.

Some of the deportees say they had been residing in the United Kingdom for over 10 years before they were deported to Nigeria.

But how could anyone live in the UK for more than 10 years, and still not financially successful? Or, is living in yankee worse than living in our fatherland/motherland?

NOTE: SAHARA TV has come under fire for violating the privacy rights of the deportees from the UK. Below are some of the reactions to this YouTube video, regarding the invasion of fellow Nigerians privacy:

“To Sahara Tv, although I love your channel, I am greatly disappointed in this type of journalism. It’s crude, unprofessional and absolute waste of time. I don’t know why I feel like this piece is meant to mock the unfortunates. Please take this video down as your reporter even lied in it promising not to be recording visuals. If this was done in the UK or US, there could be repercussions but don’t take Nigeria for a ride.” – Olugbenga Oladiran Afolabi

“This looks like the conversation was recorded without their approval – I’m not sure that was morally right.”

“saharatv, hmmmm what can i say, i love your programmes but this one is way out of order and this is poking in to peoples privacy. though you don’t have experience in this kind of situation so i won’t blame some of u guys. i hate u right now and u can at least blur their faces if ur people can not do it, give it to a good editor to edit the clip b4 uploading it.” – technic media

“Sahara reporters! I respect what you do in exposing corrupt governments and injustice, but what your reporter did here is terribly wrong, how dear he!!? Who wants to be known for being deported??! Until some one puts a bat or bullet to this little reporter’s head, then you’ll understand the importance of privacy and respecting someone’s space. Total rubbish. You guys really messed up here.” – Chucks 8

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