6 Reasons To Date More Than 1 Man At A Go

Dating is supposed to be fun, spontaneous and adventurous. When you’re young, you will most likely date a lot of different people, test the waters and figure out what type of man (or woman) you’re most attracted to.

According to the “modern day match-maker”, Paul C. Brunson, it’s important for women to date more than one man at a time, after all, men do it, so why shouldn’t we?

Well this is one guy that is definitely liberal-minded but when you think about it some women are already doing it. It has become a kind of trend in the country. Janet, a lady banker living within the FCT, I know is very good at double dating; she encourages every girl who listens to do it as well.

In her opinion this is the best way to pick a deserving mate among the guys, plus it gives the emotional burden to the guys instead of the lady. She is very much aware of the African idea that does not approve of ladies who do such but she really does not care.

So before you go into it, think properly of the likely consequences; is your moral standing compatible with such degrees of fun? Always remember not to take your dating partners too seriously or the fun aspect may just be lost on you.

Also if you do begin to take one of your dating partners seriously then do not forget to lay off the other guys. Take a look at the reasons that Paul, gave in his article on Esence.com , and see if they match up to your personal dating techniques. (Feel free to take notes and practice when necessary)

1. Dating takes time-”if you choose to date sequentially, on average, it will take you longer to meet “the one”. On average, a woman will date 27 men before finding Mr. Right. Assuming the average number of months you date each person is one (this is a very conservative estimate), dating sequentially would mean an average of 10 and 1/2 years of dating to find your beloved!”
2. Dating is a learned skill- “the more you date, the better you will become and the better you become, the more you’ll enjoy dating”.

3. He’s dating multiple people- “the reality of dating is that, whether men are honest about it or not, MOST of them are already dating aggressively with multiple ladies — however, only few disclose it.”

4. Comparisons allow you to see who stands out- “when dating aggressively you can see how they stack-up against the competition”

5. Your dates will show intentions faster in order to claim you as their price, (a male thing)

6. Don’t pretend, a dating strategy is effective- “We rarely do anything successfully in life without a plan… dating should not be different.”

Please note that it was a guy who stated these reasons, so don’t  blame me: and if you think about it, they are true.

This is strictly for those single ladies who are just being funy and adventurous and not for those seeking serious relationships or are already into serious relationships, so you will not hold this article responsible if your relationship goes downhill because you became unfaithful, ha! ha!! ha!!!

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