Immigration: Nigerian faces deportation in Ireland

“Miss Ijaware was scheduled to be deported even when a doctor had declared her unfit to fly.”

A Nigerian asylum seeker, Olayinka Ijaware, has been denied of her request and declared fit for deportation by Garda last night.

Garda, a North-American international security and investigation service with operations in Europe, Mexico, and the Middle East, denied Ijaware of her request, stating that its doctor at the Garda National Immigration Bureau had declared her fit to travel.

Miss Ijaware, a mother of two, had her deportation to Nigeria cancelled Tuesday night following reports from one Rotunda Hospital in the afternoon that she was suffering bleeding linked to an apparent miscarriage.

The doctor at Rotunda who attended to her case wrote a letter advising caution over her condition. “To whom it concerns, the above named patient is unfit for air travel if she is actively bleeding per vagina. If you have queries, please do not hesitate to contact us,” the letter said.

Ijaware revealed that she had been bleeding and having complications in recent weeks over a miscarriage that occurred last month after she had been pregnant for 8 months.

Another respondent confirmed that Ijaware was bleeding heavily and was in deep pain. Rosanna Flynn of the Residents Against Racism group said:“I was there in the hospital with her and she was bleeding. I saw it. She told me it was because ‘I’ve lost my baby’. She was in tears and very upset and distressed.”

Garda spokeswoman who commented on the Ijaware’s case, said that it was the responsibility of the agency to ensure that anyone facing deportation was in a fit condition to fly.

“We would not place anyone on a flight that is not certified as fit to travel,” she said.

Nigerian women deported

Woman against deportation.

The Department of Justice also said Ms Ijaware was not diagnosed as having had a miscarriage in the hours before her deportation.

Ijaware, who has two children aged four and seven, has been living in Tramore, Co Waterford, for about four years.

While her application for asylum has been rejected, she is considering taking judicial review proceedings against her deportation.

Groups representing asylum seekers yesterday criticised the circumstances of the way she was deported.

The Rotunda Hospital has, however declined to comment on the incidence, based on the fact that it doesn’t disclose information relating to individual patients.

-By Emmanuel Chidiogo 

Source: DailyTimes

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