ABSU Gang Rape: Video of Girl Getting Raped Goes Viral

ABIA STATE -– Early this morning, a video showing a girl getting gang raped by five men, all from Abia State University, sparked mostly outrage on social networks and blogs from all over the country.

ABSU Gang Rape: During the incident

The incident supposedly happened on Tuesday, August 16th when the men raped her, recorded it, passed it around their friends who passed it around campus simply because she insulted one of them.

The original video is an hour-long and shows the girl crying and trying to fight them off in the first few minutes until she is beaten and roughly handled. Afterwards she starts pleading and at a point, even begs that they kill her instead. The men laugh at her and threaten to keep her and continue consecutively for two days.

A very graphic ten minutes of it was posted by a member on Naijapals asking other members to “help identify the boys in the video”.

People on Twitter and Facebook have expressed all sorts of emotion, most of them furious at the graphic content and ignorance of those who seem to think the girl enjoyed the torture. Some even went on to start a #rapeherif trending topic, adding insult to injury.

Although many are saying the victim agreed to be defiled, as she hardly struggled or shout for help, and never reported the incident to police officials. We still hope the rapists be brought to justice as such violence should never be condoned in any civilized society.

The original raw footage is no longer available. However, here’s an unedited Audio of the Abia State University Gang Rape.

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