My man must be rich, caring and good in bed – Linda Ikeji

Nigerian Celebrity Gist: Popular Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji who has made a lot through her blog site, has opened up on the type of man she would love to get married to.

Linda Ikeji revealed this during a Chat she recently had with The Sun as she also disclosed she is ready to settle down.

Linda Ikeji marriage

Linda Ikeji speaks on marriage

Below are some of the excerpts:

  • Q: Don’t you think your mansion is too big for you now that you are single?

Linda Ikeji: Hmmmm, i am 36 and i have been struggling for 10 years. I believe that what is worth doing is worth doing well. I have the money to buy the mansion so why won’t i do that even if am not yet married.
Don’t you think that anything can happen anytime? I am not praying for death now but someone needs to enjoy life for the fact we still breathe. Buying half a million naira mansion is my choice and i am not regretting it.

  • Q: What are you looking for in a man?

Linda Ikeji: Truly, when i was still struggling, i didn’t think of getting married. I was so ambitious and focused on my career. I was so passionate about my dreams but now, i am getting there gradually. Recently, i sat down and thought of everything i am expecting in a man. My expectations are so high but now, i have reduced it to just three.

  • Q: What are the three things you are looking for in a man?

Linda Ikeji: Haaaa, why will i tell you that? Okay fine, my man must be rich
because i cannot marry a poor guy. Secondly, i need a man that will fully support me, a man that will always drive me, a man that will motivate and push me higher. Thirdly, i want a man that is caring, sexy and most importantly, a man that is good in bed.

  • Q: When you get married, are you going to your husband’s house or he is moving into your mansion?

Linda Ikeji: Of course, i will move to my husband’s house and leave my parents there till when it’s time for them to come home. There is nothing wrong in that.

Linda Ikeji News

Linda Ikeji sitting pretty ?

The former model is no doubt one of the richest celebrities in Nigeria. What words do you have for her?

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