Opadokun urges APC members to remain united

Chief Ayo Opadokun, Convener of the Coalition of Democrats for Electoral Reforms (CODER), on Monday urged members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to stand firm and remain united.

Opadokun spoke with newsmen in an interview at the State House, Alausa, shortly after a private meeting with Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State.

He chided federal lawmakers over the recent election of the Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives, urging the APC to resist any attempt by the opposition PDP to wrest power from it.

“APC may lose the sympathy of Nigerians if it loses the National Assembly to the PDP; for me what happened at the National Assembly is a disaster,’’ he said.

Opadokun said it was unfortunate that the PDP was able to get the Deputy Senate President slot.

“I think that the party must take a very strong stand, if they don’t, they will lose the sympathy of Nigerians,” he said.

Opadokun also justified the agitation of many Nigerians on their expectations from President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration saying they had the right to be impatient.

“Nigerians have the right to be impatient due to many years of wicked governance over them, but they should just take it easy with the government.

“This is because what has been wrong for almost 25 years cannot be made right in one day,” he said.

Opadokun said that President Buhari was capable of tackling the social ills bedeviling the country, which according to him are indiscipline and dishonesty.

“Buhari represents an effective antidote for the two major ills of Nigeria.

“I believe very strongly that Buhari will bring into governance in Nigeria self-actualisation of discipline and because he will do that, Nigerians will follow him,” he said.

Opadokun also described Ambode as a focused and a brilliant gentleman that would deliver on the pact he signed with the people of Lagos.

He called on the people of the state to cooperate with the governor to take the state to the next level.

“He needs the cooperation and the assistance of Lagosians because this is the centre of everything.

“The economy of Lagos is more than the economies of about 30 African countries put together, but I know that as a first class brain, he will deliver,” Opadokun said

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