Women should learn to swallow their partner’s semen – Ghanaian Prophet

AFRICAN GIST: Closed mouths don’t get fed. A controversial Ghanaian Prophet by name Nicholas Osei a.k.a Kamchaha has advised women in relationship to endeavor to swallow their partners semen when they indulge in oral sex. Hope this is not considered a sin?

During a show on Kofi TV, the prophet said he cannot understand why a woman would refuse to swallow holy ghost/spiritual oil which prevents sickness. He also stated that any woman who throws the partner’s cum needs deliverance.

These were his words:

“If you are a lady and you decide to throw your man’s semen after a blowjob, then you need deliverance. If you are a Lady who is able to suck on your man’s he does crazy things for you. Put it your your mouth for ten minutes, when he cums, swallow it with pride and he will start signing the cheques. You cannot suck on him and throw the cum. If you so that, you need deliverance.”

He also made mention of buying two cars for his wife due to it’s effectiveness. Do you agree with the Ghanaian prophet on women swallowing their partner’s semen?

Ghanaian Pastor Nicholas Osei Picture

Ghanaian Pastor Nicholas Osei

We did a research on the health benefits of women swallowing their men’s sperm, and found the following information:

According to a report by MSNBC on NBC News, swallowing semen has been known to lower blood pressure, enhance moods, boost the immune system, and lessen acne.

Some people even regard swallowing sperm as a spiritual, cultural, and social “norm.” What are your thoughts on this topic?

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