Lagos murder: ‘I hacked my husband to death’

Emotions ran high, yesterday, at the Isheri Divisional headquarters, Lagos, after the prime suspect in the gruesome murder, Thursday, of a Lagos based socialite and business man, Mr. Kazeem Ademoye, admitted before the police and family members that she actually hacked her husband of 13 years to death.

Mrs Ngozi Ademoye, a native of an unnamed village in Asaba, Delta State, was married to Kazeem Ademoye 13 years ago and the relationship was blessed with two girls. But she was arrested Saturday morning after her 15 year old son, Tunde Ademoye, who had before now, known the deceased to be his biological father gave a contrary version of the cause of death.

Mr. Kazeem Ademoye was reportedly murdered on Friday at about 4:00am by his wife but had earlier told sympathizers who thronged the 11, Ahirim Onuha Close, Magodo, that her husband died of heart attack. In another breath, she was said to have told other close friends and neighbours of her late husband that he was a cultist and that she woke up that fateful day to behold her husband in red robe and a tortoise dangling menacingly around his neck following which she ran to her room, grabbed a bottle of holy water and sprinkled some on him.

She reportedly added that it was the holy water that lifted and slammed him on the floor; causing his death. But at the police station, she reportedly confessed that her husband severely beat her up that early morning and in anger, she reached for a sharp cudgel and hit him hard twice on the head. However, the police and family members are yet to be convinced that the woman killed her husband all alone. They are questioning who helped her to clean up the blood and lift him from the floor to the bed.

The family spokesperson, Mr. Adesegun Agbaye Hakeem, first cousin to the deceased said there was more to what his late cousin’s widow said. He noted: “She has confessed before the Police and me that she killed my brother out of anger. She has even taken them to the penthouse where she hid the weapon she used in killing him. In Yoruba, there is nothing like cousin, I call Kazeem my younger brother because my mother was born after his dad; so I have always referred to him as my brother.

In spite of her admission, I want the police to dig deep into the many questions surrounding her dastardly action. This is because, I am not satisfied that she killed him all alone and the mere reason that my brother beat her up that fateful day. No. I arrived Nigeria that Thursday and the first person I spoke with was my brother with a promise to see him the following day.

But I was shocked when his immediate younger brother, Kunle, called to tell me that Kazeem was dead and that the wife told him (Kunle) that he died of heart attack. I rushed there and met this same woman unruffled, seated and watching television.

I called her and said, since I heard the news, I have not been able to sleep, why is it that you who lived with him for 13 years are so seated as if nothing had happened. But all the same, I kept my calm.

“Already she had started telling neigbours that now that her husband was dead, the culture in Yoruba land is that his relations will soon start coming to claim his property; so eventually when I came in and asked that I wanted the key to his room, I was challenged by a neighbour who was with her to forget the idea of going into his room. But the said neighbour later saw reasons with me when I explained that all I wanted was to see the scene where my brother died. Before the police came in, she had told several lies on the death of my brother.

Live tortoise on the neck? “At one breath, she said it was heart attack arising from office stress; at another, she said she was a cultist and that it was the holy water she splashed on him that killed him. Only yesterday she finally confessed that she killed him because of anger. My questions are: Who helped her lift up the body from the floor to the bed because the confession of her son Tunde, whom she had from a previous marriage and brought to my brother’s house at age two, revealed that he met his dad on the floor? Again, who helped her to change his night dress and put the red robe on him; hanged a live tortoise on his neck and those other charms in a bag; who brought them in?

“Why was she watching TV downstairs after the death of her husband because her son told us that when he was woken up from sleep that early morning as a result of the sharp noise, he ran down stair only to behold her mum watching TV. Why was the guard given days off before the death of my brother? Who helped her clean up the mess in the room and why did she only call and inform neigbours on Saturday for something that happened about 4.00am on Friday morning? And I ask again, why did she call the office manager to collect huge sums of money and told him to tell other staff that the company was relocating to Ghana and that they should all resign and hand over documents to her latest on Saturday, why? Do all these posers not tell you that somebody premeditated something? I leave the rest to the police.”

Confirming the story, the Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Samuel Jinadu, said the suspect has been transferred to the SCID Panti, Yaba, for further interrogation adding that she would be paraded before pressmen at the end of investigation. He said: “That was callous, I understand that the woman has been transferred to the SCID for further interrogation. Definitely, she will be paraded before the press at the end of investigation.”


By Albert Akpor 


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