Women Are Temptation The Way They Dress!

EBERE AMEH writes that going by the way women dress these days, they may well be giving (married) men ideas about what they ought not to do…with other women!

OUTSIDE Nollywood, semi-clad ladies in the larger society are gradually becoming a common scene in Nigeria. A young woman dressed in a very short and tight gown on a stiletto- sandal became the cynosure of all eyes at the airport lounge the other day. With a go to hell countenance and devil may care steps, she made all eyes turn to her direction when she walked in. To be fair to her, she is well endowed with hot legs, full backside, and a robust front although her face obstinately refused to comply with her fine figure. Unfortunately for our dear Miss, besides dragging her skimpy gown most of the time to avoid revealing the important areas, sitting down was also a problem. As if that was not enough, another came in dragging her luggage with half of her buttocks on display.

All these have made many wonder what has become of women in a cultural society like Nigeria. Why do they dress the way they do? Indeed, it has become such a big concern that many are now beginning to attribute the rising cases of infidelity and rape and other sex related offences to the sex peddling that nude dressing among many women in the name of fashion now amounts to. Or is all sign of what has been predicted, the beginning of the end?

A recent study in a university in Finland showing how the brain processes nude pictures found that the brain processes pictures of nude bodies faster and more efficiently than pictures of clothed bodies in less than 0.2 seconds. It also revealed that the male participants’ brain responses were stronger to nude female than to nude male bodies, whereas the female participants’ brain responses were not affected by the sex of the bodies. The results show that the brain boosts the processing of sexually arousing signals…and ensures efficient perception of potential mating partner in the environment.

Some people spoken to insist some ladies dress these days largely with intent to unnerve men. The religious among the people interviewed say the trend portends signs of the end time. Still others say it is all about civilization and that women should be allowed to express themselves in any way they wish. However, men unanimously agree that it distracts and unsettles them emotionally. Interestingly, no matter what you think, or its effect on the men, ladies have their reasons for dressing the way they do and are not in a hurry to make a change. In short one lady feels that it is yielding the desired results in the men.

According to Becky, some ladies, however, overdo it. What remains is for them to go naked.

“I’m not a Muslim and I don’t belong to Deeper Life Church, so you don’t expect me to cover like them but we should dress with decorum,” says Becky who would say her surname. “I dress for comfort depending on the occasion. Even without the research, we don’t need a soothsayer to tell us that men start having ripples in their head when they see semi-nude women.”

“My dressing depends on where I’m going,” says Joy. “I dress for my husband and he does not complain about what I wear. He is ok with my dressing. I don’t have to get suffocated because I’m married. If other men look at me, that is their business. They are supposed to react anyway. The findings of the research may be right but a randy man is a randy man. My body is not porn, instead, it is their dirty minds. Men should be asked to behave properly, not telling mature women how to dress.”

Jenny says: “I agree, some ladies expose their bodies but men should learn to remove their eyes and move on. I have come to realise that even if you cover your body with a blanket, some men would still come after you. Men should learn to control their eyes and emotions because it is a trend that has come to stay as long as we have TVs. Though I don’t subscribe to bad dressing, men shouldn’t allow their eyes to pop out when they behold those ridiculous women. Most of them have more decent and prettier wives at home. It all boils down to self-control; they should control their brains and go to their wives. It shouldn’t be used as an excuse for infidelity.”

Responding to the same questions, Dan said: “It is really ridiculous the way some ladies dress in the name of fashion. Most of them don’t want to be old and so struggle with the girls over skimpy and tight dresses all in the name of fashion. You need to see some with all the extra flesh struggling in mini skirts with blouses that leave half the breasts open. Well, the findings of the research are not far from the truth. At a glimpse, one is like wow! Instinctively, there is a rush of emotions but almost immediately, I’ll be like ‘how can somebody come out like this?’ She becomes disgusting to me almost immediately. For me, if I have to be unfaithful, I don’t think I will go after a half-dressed woman. However, I must admit that it is both fascinating and distracting when you come across one; whether the person is beautiful or not, the feeling is the same, even the sight of her cleavage makes me imagine many things.”

In Sly’s view, “majority of Nigerian women dress well,” but “obviously, you see such scantily-dressed women in nightclubs and very few on the streets. Women should be allowed to express themselves and so far, only very few are overdoing it. Sleeveless gowns, short skirts and all that have been around unless we want to impose Sharia law on the women. Go to places like South Africa and see real exposure. As for the research, even though men feel lusty when they see nude women, they should learn to live with it without any misconduct. Every woman deserves some freedom and a measure of respect.”

Chris on the contrary says: “I always insist that my wife and daughters dress well all the time. All this nudity on the streets is sign of the end time. I can’t imagine a married woman coming out with her body exposed. Anyway, those are the ones that control their husbands. I don’t have any respect for such women. The research findings are in line. It is natural for the male to find a nude female body exciting. About the government and their legislation, they can’t try it because their wives in trying to be like oyibos, would be the first culprits. They don’t seem to have noticed how Kate Middleton dresses and still remains sexy. You don’t have to go naked to be beautiful. Sexy and class is one thing, sexy and semi nude is asking for trouble.”

And, so, the question remains: just why would women choose to dress only to be ogled by men?



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